A city steeped in ancient Greek and Roman history, modern Larnaca is now the key entry point to the island nation of Cyprus. Long sandy beaches bathed in hours of glorious sunshine draw visitors and residents throughout the year, as do the many cafes and restaurants that offer the authentic flavours of the Eastern Mediterranean. Today’s Larnaca is also a bustling city with an eye to the future – a city that embraces growth and commercial development. Exciting new opportunities are opening up all along the coast that will establish Larnaca as a premier city in the region.
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Larnaca, Relaxed yet Vibrant

Larnaca is more laid back than many cities – that is part of its undoubted appeal. Yet inhabitants are keen to emphasise that Larnaca is a flourishing and modern European city that highlights the country’s confidence in its future, while celebrating its past. Larnaca pulses with enthusiasm and cultural diversity: a holiday destination at its heart, as well as a port and commercial centre, it is also a city of change and growth.
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Over the centuries, Larnaca has rebuilt itself many times on the ruins of past civilisations. Excavations show just how historically important Larnaca was to all those who inhabited the island, and the city is proud to display its diverse past in museums and restored buildings. But culture is not just about past glories, the city and its surrounding villages are a treasure trove of Cypriot traditions kept alive by an enthusiastic population for all to enjoy. Taking time to explore the region will yield amazing insights into the proud culture of the Larnaca district.
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Larnaca Business

Traditionally the main petroleum and commercial port of the island, Larnaca is now reinventing itself as a major tourist destination and white-collar business centre. The new small craft marina and cruise ship port redevelopment project is already having a positive impact on commercial activity with more and more firms seeing Larnaca as a viable location from which to launch their business activities into Europe and the Middle East. And with the relocating of the oil company facilities away from the city, the eastern coastal strip is readying itself for an inevitable boom in residential and tourist-based projects.
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A popular holiday destination with beautiful sandy beaches, Larnaca is perfect for water sports, family fun and sun worshippers alike. Along the palm-tree-lined promenade are many cosmopolitan beach-front coffee shops, cafes and restaurants. Tucked away in the side streets are small family-run tavernas specialising in traditional Cypriot cuisine. On weekends and during major festivals the promenade comes alive, when diverse cultural activities are presented here. The most important of these festivals is Kataklysmos – the Festival of the Flood – which is celebrated in early summer with a series of water-centric events.
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Larnaca Airport

Larnaca International Airport is the main gateway to the country. Boasting passenger and freight handling facilities on a par with any airport in Europe, Larnaca airport efficiently serves the capital, Nicosia, as well as the tourist destinations of Limassol and Agia Napa. Importantly, the trans-island highway takes travellers directly to and from the departure and arrival terminals.


All along the Larnaca coast are sandy beaches popular with locals and visitors alike. The water is azure blue, calm, clear and shallow, making it ideal for families. The water is also warm, and even in January enthusiastic swimmers are often seen taking a dip. Just back from the beach are traditional fish tavernas offering delicious char-grilled, freshly-caught seafood such as squid, octopus and sea bass. After the short rainy period, the Larnaca salt lakes fill and herald the arrival of migrating birds – especially the many hundreds of flamingos that present a wonderful spectacle between November and March each year, when the lakes turn to a sea of pink.

Larnaca Main Areas

  1. Larnaca City Centre and Seafront Promenade
  2. Pyla/Oroklini Beach Area
  3. Mackenzie Beach Area
  4. Larnaca district rural villages
  5. Larnaca Salt Lake

Beautiful Cyprus

Cyprus represents the essence of the Mediterranean lifestyle. Long sun-soaked summers and spectacular scenery make it the perfect place to enjoy local wine and fresh food specialities in a friendly relaxed atmosphere, to laze on a sandy beach and swim in the warm sea, or to walk in the countryside breathing clean, fresh air.