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The biggest infrastructure project in the history of Cyprus is in Larnaca – 5 minutes away from the Loizena villas.

The combined re-development of the Larnaca port and marina is the largest investment in the history of the Republic of Cyprus with an estimated value of € 1.2 billion. The commercialization of this significant infrastructure project enters the stage of implementation from April 1, 2022 and is expected to be completed in four phases, over a period of twelve years, radically changing the image of Larnaca. The project will include:

  1. Expansion and modernisation of the existing Larnaca Marina to 650 berths. This includes expansion of piers and moorings, improvements in lighting and facilities, and space for larger vessels. The marina will include a Yacht Club, retail park, hotel, private island and residential properties. A dry repair dock for yachts will also be constructed.
  2. Expansion and modernisation of the existing Larnaca Port with larger piers, modernization of docking and logistics infrastructure, construction of a passenger terminal, and development of cruise ship passenger facilities.
  3. Investment in commercial and residential property along the littoral area connecting the Port and Marina. The total area involved increases the existing land surface by 220,000 sq.m., to a total of 510,000 sq.m.
  4. Construction of 2 hotels, 9 mixed-use office buildings of up to 15 floors each and 6 luxury apartment blocks of up to 13 floors each.


The project marks a new era for Larnaca turning it into a glistening, but yet culturally rich, city to be enjoyed by locals and tourists alike.

Located a five-minute drive from the soon-to-be revamped Larnaca port and marina, (and 15 minutes from the recently upgraded Larnaca International Airport) our Loizena villas will be part of — and benefit from – this changing city.